INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

British people WORKING for Britain – Towards Democracy, Self Determination & Liberty – Reclaiming OUR Future Through BreXit – Do Also Link to our Main Website @ www.InfoWebSite.UK



4 thoughts on “YOUR SAY

    1. Hi,

      my eMail address & phone number are readily available with a quick search on Google or at one of my many blogs and web sites however for your convenience I publish it below with# replacing the called for @

      Similarly I have published my UK phone number backwards, the number is monitored and I will call back land line numbers leaving a message but you will not be able to access my number if you have witheld your number as I find this cuts out crank calls and many unwanted sales calls!

      I trust I can be of service to you.


  1. “Declarations of Members Financial Interest”
    Why should Nigel Farage be allowed to ignore the rules. I will find out about using the “Freedom and Information Act”

    I started reading your Blog when Duffy and a few sycophant’s stood me down in the County Elections without any reason-the chairman said-I’m standing you down and rang off.

    I have decided, that the people of Eastleigh who voted in fear of mass immigration should be told the truth about Nigel Farage’s parties. I will keep touch.
    My Kind Regards

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