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Registered Offices:

The Alliance Building,




The Name of The Alliance:

The Alliance is legally registered as a political party named




 However this may, where appropriate, be abbreviated to:








The Alliance



 For the purposes of this document it will be referred to as

The Alliance



  • The Alliance shall rigidly adhere to the primary purpose of
  • In all of its views and advocacy.
  • The Alliance shall be an Alliance of Independent candidates aspiring to political office at all levels based upon one common cause, that of espousing
  •  Every candidate standing with The Alliance as an Independent candidate undertakes to feature the primary aim of Leave-the-EU in all aspects of their campaigning.
  • The Alliance candidates may hold other views, campaign issues and policy aims – none of which shall be considered common or concurred beyond coincidental, to other Independent Alliance candidates.
  • All The Alliance candidates renounce racism, xenophobia and prejudice founded on creed or ethnicity.
  • All The Alliance candidates renounce violence as a political tool.
  • All The Alliance candidates accept the rule of law of these United Kingdoms and such laws as they may Independently dislike they undertake to peaceably and lawfully campaign to rescind.
  • All The Alliance candidates shall provide a copy of their short birth certificate, their short CRB and a declaration that they have not been an undischarged bankrupt during the 5 years prior to the date of the election in which they are standing and an undertaking that they do not face any outstanding criminal or civil charges that could lead to their incurring bankruptcy or a custodial sentence of any kind.
  • Since All The Alliance candidates are standing for public office the details of the documents supplied shall be deemed appropriate for public domain.
  • All The Alliance candidates shall actively campaign for a reduction in Government control, interference and costs where democratically deemed appropriate.
  • All The Alliance candidates undertake that they will, if elected, contribute a minimum of 20% of their elected income to support and enhance the cause.
  • All The Alliance candidates undertake to publish outline accounts within 3 weeks of the end of each Parliamentary period ( currently 3 per anum) and to publish certified version of same before the end of the next Parliamentary period – these shall be published on the internet on a site linked to The Alliance main web presence.
  • All The Alliance candidates undertake to campaign to reduce the size and scope of, and increase the accountability of Government, including by the increased use of binding referenda.
  • All The Alliance candidates undertake to campaign to re-establish the validity and authority of the Parliament at Westminster as the sovereign and sole legislative body for these United Kingdoms and to this end The Alliance will seek the withdrawal of these United Kingdom from the European Union.
  • All The Alliance candidates undertake to campaign to reinstate democracy WITHIN these United Kingdoms in the interest of and managed by and on behalf of the peoples of these United Kingdoms.
  • The Alliance accepts no responsibility for any views held by or actions taken by candidates or members, beyond that of Leave-the-EU as an aim or enumerated in the Constitution or such addendum as shall be formally agreed & added.
  • The Alliance shall work towards determining and implementing an exit and survival strategy for these United Kingdoms relative to ‘Leave-the-EU’ to take advantage of all the many benefits of an Independent democracy. 



  • In furtherance of the above aims The Alliance may take part in all EU, national, regional and local electoral processes within these United Kingdoms. 



  • In furtherance of the above aims and policies The Alliance may raise funds and receive contributions from any person or corporate body whatsoever by way of loan, subscription, donation or otherwise, within the limits established by electoral law. 
  • The Alliance may publish, with or without charge, any item it deems fit. 
  • The Alliance may employ and pay persons to supervise, organise and carry out work for The Alliance.
  • The Alliance may purchase, lease or rent property; and make arrangements for the management of any property acquired, pursuant to its aims.
  • The Alliance may invest any monies not immediately required in accordance with the Trustee Act of 1925.
  • The Alliance may do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the attainment of its aims. 
  • The Alliance shall account its actions in compliance with electoral law, the law of the land and in a reasonable spirit of openness and transparency. 


Membership of The Alliance:  

  • is open to any citizen of these United Kingdoms and resident foreign nationals over the age of 16 willing to be bound by the aims of The Alliance as enumerated.
  • The Steering Committee of The Alliance has the right to reject any application for membership within 28 Parliamentary working days of that application being received by The Alliance. 
  • Members of The Alliance must maintain their subscriptions.
  •  Members of The Alliance shall accept the Party’s constitution and any rules made in accordance with the constitution.
  • Members of The Alliance shall not act in a manner which brings The Alliance into disrepute or is likely to bring The Alliance into disrepute.
  • If a member is suspected of behaving in such a fashion he/she will be requested to appear before the Steering Committee or a designated sub -committee to explain his/her actions. 
  • Membership of The Alliance may be suspended or removed by the said committee.


Management of the Party:

  • A Steering Committee (The “Key Committee”) normally of 5 or more persons will be set up to govern The Alliance. 
  • These persons shall be full members of The Alliance. 
  • During this period, The Key Committee of The Alliance shall have the right to co-opt further members onto it.


The Alliance`s structure, funds and publicity:

  • The Alliance will be the responsibility of the Key committee. 
  • The Alliance may establish temporary or standing committees to deal with any matters which they deem fit.
  • The Key Committee of The Alliance shall be the body which establishes all the rules governing The Alliance management, conduct and administration and conferences save where such rules are already covered by the constitution.



  • The Key Committee shall establish an approved list of candidates from the membership who have applied to represent The Alliance in any election.
  • Each candidate of The Alliance undertakes that they shall make themselves conversant with the constitution and any additional rules or regulations the Key Committee may from time to time deem appropriate to introduce.
  • Each candidate of The Alliance undertakes that they shall be bound by the aims of The Alliance as enumerated.
  • Each candidate of The Alliance undertakes that they shall accept the terms of the alliance by usage of the name or names as enumerated in section i. above.
  • This constitution comes into force on 10-February-2010.
  • Each bona fide candidate of The Alliance shall be listed with contact details on the Leave-the-EU web site.
  • Any changes to this constitution can be made after consulting members and by a majority decision of the Key Committee.
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